Magazine Nook - Took money, did not deliver. Lied about it.

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Magazine Nook took my order for a magazine subscription.They acknowledged the order and the payment and sent an email verifying that the order was submitted to the publisher.

When not received after 10 weeks, I called the publisher and was told that no order was ever sent or received by them from Magazine Nook. The publisher did not have any information about any order from me [checked with name, address, credit card] being placed with them.

Thus, since the publisher never received the order from Magazine Nook, the reason for not receiving the magazine.They just took my money and did not submit order to publisher.

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Magazine Nook took care of my problem.The publisher hadn't received the order, but Mag Nook took care of it.

Give them a try.They contacted me because of my complaint and between them, the publisher and myself, i am receiving the magazine.



We have thousands of satisfied customers.

If you are having any kind of delivery problem or estimated delivery time has passed and you have not received your first issue please let us know and we will contact the publisher to resolve the issue.

In case of delayed delivery all our customers are entitled to a compensation.


Thomas Lomin


Magazine Nook helped me take care of the problem in April.I have been getting my subscription since then.

I don't know how to take away the negative comment. I would definitely order from them again.

If you have a problem, contact them and I am sure they will work with you to correct it.Please give them a second chance.


I never recieved my subscription after paying them . Do not use this service!!!!!


We got this issue cleared but, but although the order was place on Dec 12th, it was not received until Jan 28th by the publisher-that is what customer service told me at Whole Living.It took 6-8 weeks from Jan 28th to get the magazine.

the first issue I received was April 1st, 2011. Magazine Nook did get back to me. When I called Whole Living there was no acct # for me. Magazine Nook did get an acct number and therefore Whole Living got me on their database.

I don't know why Whole Living did not get my order from Magazine Nook until Jan 28th, when i paid for it on Dec 12th. But since the matter is cleared up, I recommend Magazine Nook. They contacted me immediately when I left negative feedback. Thank you.

I will definitely do business again with you, but check sooner that my order was submitted to the publisher.Thanks.


This order was submitted to the publisher the same day we received it.

After this customer contacted us we did contact the publisher only to find out that publisher had all the necessary information on file.

We forwarded subscription account # to the customer who did contact the publisher afterwards and confirmed that order was on file.

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